Cover of Trick or Treat shows a glowering jack o lantern and declares it is by Michael Goldrich
We’re pleased to announce the release of Trick or Treat by Michael Goldrich.

Every year of October 31, American kids go out into their neighborhoods in costumes to gather candy from their neighbors and generally have fun wandering around at night when normally their parents want them in bed. It has been a great tradition for generations and is generally accepted as a safe time for kids to just be kids.

But what if that safety were not guaranteed? What if the original Samhain specters still existed? Trick-or-Treat takes place in the small town of Hoberdy, where Halloween is a night when kids scour their neighborhoods for treats, but also must watch out for animated jack-o-lanterns. After many years of ruined Halloweens, the neighborhood kids discovered they could use the same magic that animated the ‘jacks on Halloween to defend themselves.

Each year, a group of 3rd Graders, kids who still believe in magic and have limitless imagination, are selected to serve as the neighborhood Guardians. Because it is Halloween, the mantle of this responsibility manifests as their costumes becoming real but leaving their minds as the kids they were. In effect, these kid Guardians become supernatural protectors of their peers.

On Halloween night, you & your friends are all that stands between the evil candy stealing pumpkins & your classmates. But can you put a stop to these ghoulish gourds once & for all?

Requires the Fate Accelerated rulebook to play and includes pregenerated characters.

Available from DriveThruRPG for $.99.